8090 Baydee whole house green customization system

company-news | Time:2022-09-05

In order to create a comfortable and atmospheric living environment, Baydee continues to carry out technological innovation and artistic integration of its own products to meet the high expectations of current consumers.

Born to be “Green”

 Green, aldehyde-free home furnishing products for new life decoration, and the achievement of the new national standard ENF level is also the proof of Baydee’s pursuit of green life.

Thrive due to “art”

Following the modern cutting-edge design, the trendy and unique shape, the product design is carved at the level of art, and the four major product systems of modern, light luxury, new Chinese style and simple beauty come from this.

Warm cause of “home”

 “Home” is contained in the home decoration, and every bit of daily life with the family will be carried by it. Through BIM decoration, you can experience the new dimension brought by convenient decoration one step ahead of others.

painted with “color”

 The overlapping of colors and the mosaic of textures express the changing time, space tension, and elegant decoration, and finally extend the limited space with infinite beauty, which makes people yearn for it.


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