Care of healthy growth and say goodbye to children’s doodles

company-news | Time:2022-09-05

For young children, in the face of the curiosity of the world, they often take the initiative to explore, that is, showing an active side – graffiti is one of the forms of expression, but if children are given a form of exploration Arranged in order, graffiti can definitely be at the forefront of the headache list.

To be in the forefront, I have to say that the area where children graffiti – the wall! Yes, this is often the most frequent choice area for children, and it is also the reason for the heartache of parents.

Can parents adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to graffiti behavior? Clearly this was a very arbitrary choice. Children’s doodles are not simply doodles, but a unique perspective of their development perception and observation of the world. They record in their own unique way with a single stroke of the pen in their hands.

In the standardized early education system, graffiti is a large collection of items such as perception training, creative enlightenment, and psychological expression, and its importance is evident.

Having to take into account the growth and being responsible for the family is undoubtedly aggravating and even more difficult. So can the wall be cleaned like paper after being graffitied by children?

Baydee 10A wpc Board, a brand new black technology from Baydee. The whole series of products are developed with natural pine rock as the basic raw material. Through continuous testing and improvement, they are finally easy to clean.

Parents can choose clean-installed products for BIM whole house assembly or use the door and wall module system to cover the door and wall products alone, so that children can grow up healthily, liberate their own nature, let parents say goodbye to the problem of graffiti selection, and harmonious parent-child relationship .

In the future, Baydee 8090 will continue to solve decoration problems for users, improve home experience, and bring users an ideal home that is clean, clean and smells clean.


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