Put the furniture in the most suitable location

company-news | Time:2022-09-05

After we have finished decorating the room, the rest is to carry out the furniture entry. Many people despise the entry of furniture and don’t care, but in fact, furniture plays a crucial role in the final style presentation, so let’s take a deeper look at how to layout and place it.

Bed Symmetry Tips
The scope of application includes bedrooms, lounges and other spaces with beds. The core point is to use the bed as the axis of symmetry for the placement and layout of furniture. Traditionally, a series of furniture such as bookcases, desks, and dressing tables are placed on the left and right sides of the axis, in order to form a corresponding relationship and highlight the space atmosphere.

Functional Grouping Layout Tips
Classify the furniture by function, and then arrange it according to the function to form the best match for the actual installation of the area, so that the area can present a clear visual effect while taking into account the use effect.

sofa in bedroom
Sofas are most commonly found in the living room, but now more and more users are gradually preferring to place sofas in the bedroom. Compared with the sofa + coffee table configuration in the living room, the most common sofa in the bedroom is to use a separate sofa. Generally, we will place it in The window is close to the light source, but in order to preserve the beauty, be sure to stagger the side of the furniture and the edge of the bed in the front direction of the sofa.

Proper bed placement
As an important unit of the home, the placement of the bed greatly affects the overall decoration effect and overall atmosphere. Normally, we usually choose to place the bed in a ventilated position, keep the window and the bed in a proper position, and arrange the relevant decorations according to the actual effect in the room to ensure the best visual perception.


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