Improve the attractiveness of decoration franchise

company-news | Time:2022-09-05

When manufacturers expand their market share, the franchise model is the best choice, and it is one of the most common expansion models. Manufacturers continue to optimize related franchises, stabilize manufacturer relationships, strengthen mutual trust, and share results. To this end, 8090 Brady Cleansing has established a butler-style assistance policy, with financial support, training support, planning support, rebate support, and four support as the center points, and continues to carry out franchise investment projects.

Based on financial support. For different regions, different areas, and different types of franchisees, they will provide corresponding support for building stores, sample discounts, etc. to reduce the pressure on franchisees in the early stage of capital circulation, allowing franchisees to go into battle lightly, and better make franchisees active Carry out local market expansion.

Based on training support. Familiarity with industry prospects, status quo, market development, and product competitiveness will have an important impact on franchisees’ sales. Brady Growth Academy, Brady Business Probe provides franchisees with the help they need and relevant growth training courses by combining offline and online, so that franchisees and brands can grow together.

Expand with planning support. In the process of market expansion, event planning is the catalyst to occupy the market, and it is of great significance to accelerate the market occupation. 8090 Brady Cleansing employs senior personnel in the industry to formulate relevant activity training or formulate activity plans, so that franchisees can promote their own capabilities while ensuring market share.

Focus on rebate support. 8090 Brady Cleansing is well aware of the important contribution of franchisees in brand development. Brand development is inseparable from the solidarity and mutual assistance of franchisees and brand manufacturers to help each other in the same boat. The year-end rebate policy was born based on this background, allowing franchisees to obtain higher profits through year-end rebates.

8090 Brady Clean Pack will continue to optimize and expand the franchise policy in the future, protect the interests of franchisees, and adhere to the premise of mutual benefit and win-win policy. The times are constantly changing, the market is constantly developing, and the industry is constantly changing. 8090 Brady Clean Pack will follow the trend of the times and provide its franchisees with strategies that are in line with the times.


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