Two or three small things about the overall process of decoration

company-news | Time:2022-09-05

believe that everyone has done enough homework on their own decoration content in order to achieve the satisfactory effect of the interior decoration before the interior decoration. But there are often unsatisfactory places. Today, we will take a look at the points that are usually overlooked, and use some small skills to make our interior decoration effect to a higher level.

Pay attention to the meter box
The meter box is indispensable to every family, but if the reasonable placement is not considered, the meter box will appear on the wall very isolated. Especially for single-family villa buildings, the overall appearance of the building will show a very stretched effect. In order to avoid this situation, we can make a certain degree of design in the beginning.

1. To design and customize the corresponding cabinet, we need to negotiate with the construction master or designer in advance to make a cover-up concealment.
2. Select specific decorations for combination and matching. This requires us to integrate the meter into it through a certain degree of design and selection, and through the construction of integrated decoration.

About the wire

Electric wires are indispensable for decoration. Generally, regular construction teams or decoration companies will plan the lines well to avoid later maintenance difficulties. But we still have a lot of exposed lines in our daily use.
1. The wiring near the TV cabinet. For the lines in the area near the TV cabinet, we can choose to hide them behind the TV cabinet to avoid pulling and intermingling of the lines.
2. Purchase a line storage box. In places where there is no storage space nearby, we can purchase storage products and store the wires in them to improve safety and aesthetics.

3. The gas meter water heater cannot be forgotten
With the progress and development of society, gas and water heaters have gradually become essential products for every household, but both have certain particularities. We must pay attention to their air permeability while beautifying them accordingly to ensure safety. degree, to avoid losing the big because of the small.



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