Reasons to choose 8090 Baydee whole house green customization

company-news | Time:2022-09-05

After years of precipitation, 8090 Brady Clean Fitting has gradually matured. Not only the overall structural design of doors and windows is systematic, but also the production and after-sales of doors and windows are systematically designed to truly achieve a complete system of doors and windows that integrates R&D, design, production and after-sales. And with independent raw material supply system, procurement higher than the industry standard to ensure the quality of raw materials; with independent management and control system, the workshop implements data management, solves the problem of data islands, and achieves strict control of production and quality. ; Now the company has introduced high-precision production equipment imported from Europe to ensure the stability of each product and actively embrace the era of Industry 5.0.

The 6th generation: open the era of whole house net decoration, the original door and wall module integration

Original door and wall module integration:

Focus on providing customers with exquisite life and high-end quality; create a high-value product matching system to meet the unified comfort and beauty in the entire home decoration space; let you who pay attention to appearance enjoy quality life.


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