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Selection skills of sliding door: 1. Plate: The wood boards (mainly fiberboard and particleboard) used for sliding doors are man-made boards, and the adhesives used contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances. Many wall cabinet door manufacturers in the market mostly produce their boards in China, and even use coarse boards. Many boards have formaldehyde content exceeding the standard, which is distributed indoors and pollutes the environment. In the cold season in the north, when doors and windows are closed, it has a greater impact on consumers' health. 2. Pulley material: Pulley is an important hardware component in sliding door. There are three kinds of pulley materials in the market: plastic pulley, metal pulley and glass fiber pulley. The metal pulley has high strength, but it is easy to produce noise when in contact with the track. The carbon glass fiber pulley contains roller bearing, which is smooth in push and pull, durable in wear and durable. The box closed structure is effective in dust prevention. It is more suitable for the northern area with large wind and sand. Two anti jump devices ensure safety and reliability during sliding. The wheels of some low-grade sliding doors are made of organic plastic, which are very easy to wear and deform. Over time, the push and pull will fluctuate. The open wheel structure is easy to enter dust and wear the internal bearings, so it is difficult to ensure the flexibility of push and pull. An anti jump device or even no anti jump device is easy to derail during push and pull, which is very unsafe. Shake the sliding door in the direction perpendicular to the slide rail. The smaller the shaking degree is, the better its stability is. When shaking, pay attention to the upper pulley and the upper slide rail. If the sliding door is of good quality, the gap between them is almost zero. In this way, there will be no feeling of vibration when sliding, which is stable and smooth. Therefore, the close combination of the upper pulley and the slide rail determines its sliding stability. 3. Advantages and disadvantages of bottom wheel: Only the bottom wheel with super large gravity can ensure its good sliding effect and super long service life. The high-grade mobile sliding door is made of carbon glass fiber, with balls in it and non dry lubricating ester. The poor pulley is often made of engineering plastic or organic plastic, with small bearing capacity. It may not be a big problem to start using, but it is easy to deform after a long time, affecting the push-pull effect. 4. Panel style: Partition: as partition doors, most of them are relatively transparent panels, which can make the space more open, give consideration to the decorative effect, and match with the overall bedroom style. Cabinet door: materials include wood, glass, mirror and others. The height of glass sliding door shall not exceed 2.5m. Mirror sliding door should not be selected for bedroom. Plate sliding door is simple, generous and safe. In addition, there are shutter series sliding door and plate sliding door. 5. Stop device: The stop block generally adopts steel sheet, but the durability of good steel will be stronger, and the steel is not good. After a long-time collision, it will shift, so that the sliding door cannot stop in place. In fact, metals have fatigue period, and they are easy to deform after long-time work. The stop block processed from copper is corrosion-resistant and can remain stable for a long time. Therefore, we can try to choose such materials.

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