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There is only one difference between 80 series and 90 series sliding doors, that is, the maximum size of aluminum alloy profile section (section) is different. The aluminum alloy profile section (section) of 80 series sliding door is 80mm, and the aluminum alloy profile section (section) of 90 series sliding door is 85-95mm. Generally speaking, the series of profiles is based on the width of profiles. For example, the frame section width of series 60 is 60mm. Push-pull and flat opening represent the way doors and windows are opened. Selection skills of sliding door:

1. Frame profile: The base materials of sliding doors generally include aluminum alloy and plastic steel. Because aluminum alloy has the characteristics of light weight and high strength, it is a high-grade material for sliding door base material, and has gradually replaced plastic steel products. Aluminum alloy is divided into ordinary aluminum magnesium alloy and aluminum titanium magnesium alloy. Metal titanium has the characteristics of high strength, small specific gravity and high toughness. Therefore, its price will be several times more expensive. In addition, advanced surface treatment includes anodic oxidation, electrophoresis, coated carbon spraying and other processes. These processes have higher hardness and aesthetics than simple spraying and electroplating. 2. Thickness: If glass or silver mirror is used as door core, it is generally 5mm thick; If wood is used as door core, 10mm thickness is the best. Some manufacturers use thinner boards (8mm or even 6mm) to save material costs. The thin wooden board looks frivolous and shaking when pushed and pulled, and its stability is poor. Moreover, it is very easy to warp and deform after use for a period of time, blocking the guide rail, resulting in poor push and pull and affecting normal use. 3. Paint finish: The paint has been double-layer baked before spraying and transfer, that is, surface dust removal and impurity removal, which increases the adhesion of the paint and the paint will never fall off. However, the profiles of some small manufacturers are simply baked or even not baked, so the paint is easy to fall off and the texture is not clear. The profile surfaces of the manufacturers of large sliding doors are treated by the company itself, and then processed by imported advanced technology. The product paint is smooth and delicate, uniform and full, and the texture is clear. The manufacturers of small sliding doors wholesale finished colored profiles from the profile factory. The surface cannot be treated by themselves. The color is single and the door shape color is not interchangeable. For example, there are problems such as profile scratch during transportation or installation, mismatch with the color of the original door during material replenishment, large color difference and so on.

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