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New Chinese Style 02

The composition of Chinese style is mainly reflected in traditional furniture (mostly Ming and Qing furniture), decorations and black and red decorative colors. Symmetrical layout is mostly adopted in the room, with elegant style, simple and beautiful shape, thick and mature colors. Chinese traditional indoor furnishings include calligraphy and painting, plaque, hanging screen, bonsai, porcelain, antiques, screen, Bogu shelf, etc., pursuing a life realm of self-cultivation. Chinese traditional interior decoration art is characterized by symmetrical and balanced overall layout, correct and stable, advocating natural interest in decorative details, elaborately carved flowers, birds, fish and insects and rich in changes, which fully reflects the spirit of Chinese traditional aesthetics. The new Chinese style is the ingenious and soft combination of Chinese elements and modern materials, and the furniture, window lattice and cloth bedding of the Ming and Qing Dynasties reflect each other, It reproduces the exquisite sketch of step-by-step scenery change.

Focus on providing users with exquisite life and high-end quality; to create high-value products and product supporting systems to meet the comfort and beauty of the entire home decoration sp-ace; let you who pay attention to value enjoy quality life. The whole system is the world's leading industrial intelligent manufacturing 5.0 intelligent production line, which combines cutting-edge technology and technology. To ensure product accuracy and quality, with no after-sales background, truly open a new era of door and wall material.

Break the shipping cycle of the traditional industry; with the concept of high efficiency, high quality and high service, you will be far away from the trouble of long waiting and fast-paced is no longer far away.The raw materials are selected from natural pine wood powder and basalt rock powder, through German cutting-edge technology and equipment, relying on medical polymer polymerization technology, without any adhesive, one-time in-tegrated high-temperature extrusion molding, creating a 10A integrated techno-logy material; subverting the tradition Home improvement industry and health awareness


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