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City Orange 01

The shape is simple and lively. It is mostly designed into a strong shape with straight lines, paying great attention to the treatment of details. The indoor doors are matched with simple and unique wooden door lines, and the fashionable and simple sense of modernity is imminent. There are not too many shapes, but more horizontal and vertical. Even if there are decorations, it is also simple lines or shapes, revealing an attitude towards life. Work and life should be simplified, Every day's life should be full of sunshine. Its simple style is perfect in line with young people's longing for a relaxed life, and we should create a warm and comfortable living environment.

Focus on providing users with exquisite life and high-end quality; to create high-value products and product supporting systems to meet the comfort and beauty of the entire home decoration sp-ace; let you who pay attention to value enjoy quality life. The whole system is the world's leading industrial intelligent manufacturing 5.0 intelligent production line, which combines cutting-edge technology and technology. To ensure product accuracy and quality, with no after-sales background, truly open a new era of door and wall material.


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