Interior decoration, strategizing

company-news | Time:2023-06-25

contemporary design
Equipped with door-wall integrated module
Use hanging decorations to decorate the space
While increasing the sense of bedroom area
Mobilize the whole space atmosphere into one

grille, wood grain, light and shadow
gathered here
Construct a concise and elegant space vision
Exhibit extraordinary home taste
A variety of decorative elements match the texture of the wall panel
Make life comfortable and warm

Japanese wabi-sabi style
Based on light colors
Through PET film technology
restore natural texture
The layered aesthetics that make up the space
Simple and clear bedroom vibe
Let the body and mind get further relaxation

Outline with warm colors
Match Finish Texture
Highlight the texture of the entire bedroom space
Cavity structure design
Super sound absorption and noise reduction
Let the silence be at your fingertips


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