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company-news | Time:2022-09-26

Noise pollution, air pollution and water pollution are listed as the three major pollutions, but noise pollution is not as important as the latter two, or even ignored. The five major sources of noise in the family: outdoor noise, corridor noise, neighbor partition wall noise, indoor electrical noise, and indoor man-made noise. Although the noise level of these sounds is not high, they are closely related to people's daily life.It makes people unable to get quiet when they are resting, which is especially annoying and can easily lead to disputes between neighbors.

Since we can't control others, let's start by changing ourselves ! Swap a Mute door and let the world go quiet.

The key to the sound insulation effect of a door lies in the door panel and the door gap. If these two points are done well, the noise will naturally be solved. There is no need to say much about the door panel of the Beidi wooden door, the solid wood is filled with squares, and the sound insulation effect is not to be said; secondly, the door gap, Xindi Mute door adopts a 45-degree oblique soft magnetic noise reduction, and the magnetic adsorption function makes the door automatically adsorb with the door leaf when the door is closed. , closer to the door more tightly, and at the slanted mouth, a sealing bumper strip is installed, and the combination of the two materials makes the door more airtight.

1. 45° oblique mouth soft magnetic noise reduction


The 45° oblique soft magnetic suction is adopted to make the door leaf and the door frame fit more closely after closing the door, and the door gap is smaller; the inlaid magnetic suction strip, the door leaf is actively absorbed and closed more tightly, so as to achieve the maximum sound insulation effect.

2. Sealed bumper strip

Active adsorption and closure, tighter sealing and wrapping, and the corners are not spared, completely isolating noise.

3. Flat hinge

The overall bearing capacity of the hinge is strong and relatively more durable.

4. Dustproof and mute strip

A dust-proof strip is installed under the door leaf, which is soundproof, insect-proof and windproof.

5. Quiet magnetic suction lock

The lock body used in the magnetic suction lock and the lock box on the door frame have a certain degree of magnetism. Through the magnetic attraction between the two, they play the role of opening and closing the door, avoiding the noise caused by vigorously closing the door, and the opening and closing of the door will be carried out quietly all the time .

Behind every noise is a way of life, Beidi (Baydee)'s mute door allows every love to speak freely。



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